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Was ist ein Draft?[Bearbeiten]

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What is a peasant cube?[Bearbeiten]

The short answer – A peasant cube is a Magic: The Gathering cube that is built using only common and uncommon cards.

The long answer –

Whats is a ‘cube’?[Bearbeiten]

A Magic: The Gathering ‘cube’ is a singleton collection of cards put together by a player with the aim of drafting. Random ‘booster packs’ are made from the cube and these are used instead of the traditionally used sealed product.

When building a cube, you are in control of the cards that will eventually be drafted and what strategies can be employed. Classically, cubes are built to include the best, strongest, most fun cards printed throughout the long history of Magic. Cards such as Black Lotus, Shahrazad and Library of Alexandria are often staples of the cube. These types of cubes are by their very nature powerful, swingy and expensive. There are, however, alternatives.

How is a peasant cube different from a normal cube?[Bearbeiten]

A peasant cube is different to a classic cube because it only includes cards that have been printed at common and uncommon rarities. This can include cards that were once rare and have been downgraded, or cards that used to be un/common and have since been reprinted with a higher rarity. Similar to the pauper format, you can include a card from any set or printing as long as it has once been an un/common, even if the specific copy you include is a rare or mythic (for example, if you prefer the art, have it in foil, or want a black bordered version).

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