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Hier eben die beiden Links zu den versprochenen Dokumenten:

Das Dokument ist eine Überarbeitung des letzten Standes vom 18.09.2008. Eine Übersicht über die Änderungen ohne Garantie auf Vollständigkeit. --Tb 19:56, 29. Mai 2010 (UTC)
-Es wird explizit das Vollzeitstudium genannt auf welches die Regeln zutreffen
-Es wird explizit auf die Anerkennung von gleichwertigen Kompetenzen und Fähigkeiten, die außerhalb der Hochschule erworben wurden, hingewiesen (früher zum Teil 2.5)
1.5 & 1.6 (Zwischenprüfung) entfallen, 1.5 (Überprüfung Studierbarkeit) ist in A7 gewandert
2.1: Ausnahmefälle für Zulassung Master definiert
3.2: Die Zuordnung von Masterstudiengängen zu stärker anwendungsorientiert oder stärker forschungsorientiert ist nun ein kann, kein muss mehr.
4.2 (nicht konsekutive Studiengänge) raus und ehemalig 4.2 zu 4.3
A7: Absatz über Mobilität hinzugefügt
Anlage über Module hinzugefügt

Datei:PP Diskussionsergebnis Endergebnis.pdf

Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Lot Nicer

A few years ago, Debbie Tenzer was feeling overwhelmed by all the crises in the news. But rather than give in to despair, she thought, Maybe I cant solve our big problems, but I know I can do something.

[Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Lot Nicer]

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Starting A Slow Story Movement

"It is said that we become the stories that we tell among ourselves. This might have been true before we became salespersons. For a few decades now, I think we have become numb to the stories that we tell among ourselves. So stories have become shorter and crisper to the length of a tweet. We are so committed to telling a story to the point that finally what remains is a dimensionless point.

[Starting A Slow Story Movement]

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Learning from the Wisdom of the Body

"Its amazing that our interpretation of experiences can generate intense visceral responses. The fact that we get goosebumps when we are inspired or afraid is one of many everyday indicators of just how deeply and intricately connected our minds and bodies are. In fact, the mind and body are an intertwined whole -- and there is great wisdom in the totality of our mind-body experience.

[Learning from the Wisdom of the Body]

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Refugee Turned Entrepreneur Uplifts Women Abroad

While some retailers have struggled in the recession, Amber Chand, an online retailer of items made by women living in war-torn countries, is experiencing success."As the economy was going into a downturn during the holiday season, which is my primary season, I noticed actually that my company was increasing in terms of sales and revenues, and we grew by 22 percent," says Chand.

[Refugee Turned Entrepreneur Uplifts Women Abroad]

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The Importance of Imagination

While growing up, Id never really considered how important it is to be imaginative. Its a childhood profession, you could say. It comes naturally. Then we hit an age when were presented with a scantron of bubble-in options, a template for a CV that we need to create, and Excel. At that point, our learning has to fit into certain parameters: within that little bubble, within the one page limit, and within a tiny digital graph. So, what happens to our imagination?It seems to fade.

[The Importance of Imagination]

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